Dear Current Clients,

On 1/31/2015, I will be closing down my web design/development business. Emails were sent to all existing clients on 12/22/2014 to give (more than) 30 days notice of discontinuing of my web design and development services.

I will be continuing to support existing client websites for minor updates and more importantly will be available until 1/31/2015 in case a new web developer (that you will need to search for) has any questions.

Your hosting service is a separate service, through a company (and not me). Your website's home (also called a hosting provider) will continue to be operational and functional and thus your website will continue to be available after my services end (provided your hosting provider doesn't make changes to your hosting service). Any changes to the website's files, visuals, displays, etc. is performed by a web designer or web developer, so you will still need to locate and obtain a new developer.

You should have received an email as to the technologies your specific site uses to be able for you to inform your new web developer of generally how your website is built.

As a courtesy, I will email you the login, password, and server details for the hosting provider you use currently just so that its easier to provide to your new web developer. Below is a list of web developers I know of in the Lancaster, Ohio area. This list is NOT an endorsement of any particular developer, and the list is in no particular order. Please note that you can use your favorite search engine to locate other web developers outside of the Lancaster Ohio area if you choose.

The decision to close down my business was mostly a personal one. I am looking to dedicate the occasional time I would normally spend after I got off from my 9-5 job to now spend with my family.

I want to thank you sincerely for the opportunity for me to serve you as your web designer and/or web developer for the past several years (for some of my clients 10 or more).

I wish you the best of luck with all your future business and personal endeavors. If you have any questions in the next 30 days, please let me know.

Warm Wishes,
-Jason Tschopp

Lancaster Ohio Web Developers

Note: This list is not an endorsement in any way and is in no particular order. This list may be incomplete (or there could just be only 3 serious options in Lancaster). There are many more local design/development options in the Canal Winchester, Reynoldsburg, and Columbus areas. You should be able to run Google searches for options located outside of Lancaster.

CKFS Web Page Design, LLC.

Martin Barker Design (may offer design only services and not development, you'd have to check with them)

Web Chick

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